Meet our Members!

We ask a few questions & our members give us a window into who they are & their experiences with reflexology….

RAO Member: Jody Blair

-Would you like to give a background summary of who you are personally aside from reflexology?

“Who Am I- Besides being a reflexologist, I am Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and have been coaching for 10 years as well as being a Certified Personal Trainer for over 20 years. I am also a Reiki Practitioner.”

-Personal hobbies/interests? Other skills outside of reflexology? 

“In my spare time, you can usually find me hanging out with my fur kids who I like to call the BBC Crew- Beans (14) Bootsy (1.5) and Callie (almost 6 months). I also like to be outside walking, hiking and exploring. I like to take pictures and capture images of nature to carry with me when I need them.”

-Where did your interest in reflexology begin?

“When I was a Licensed Massage Therapist in the early 2000s”

-How did your first experience with reflexology take place?


-How did you realize that being a reflexology client wasn’t going to be enough & you wanted to become a reflexologist?

“When I noticed the effect it brought to my well-being.”

-Where did you learn reflexology & how was the experience as a student?

“Reflexology Certification Institute in Worthington, Ohio.”

-Once you began practicing reflexology, how did your perspective change between being a client & now as a practitioner?

“Knowing that I can assist the client’s reflexes to help along their journey to better well-being.”

-Has reflexology changed your life in any fashion as a “hands on” practitioner?

“It helped me bring the ability to pose another alternative therapy to people to help them along their healing journeys that are not pill based.”

-Are there any specific techniques or reflex locations that you find are always beneficial that you try to incorporate into every session?

“Solar Plexus/ diaphragm relaxer and spinal twist.”

-Would you like to give any info on your practice or your business operation? (business office/store location/hours of operation) and/or (address/contact info/Web presence)

“As of right now my business is mobile and I am working for it eventually being established at a location.  You can find me though on Instagram: @JKBReflexology and Facebook: JKBReflexology” or my email”:

You can also find me interviewed by a local cable show in Ohio At

-And lastly, if you had one message for the world around you, what would that message be?

“You are a precious being, don’t let your cup run empty, don’t run on an empty cup and refill it daily.”    – Jody Blair

RAO is grateful to have Jody as a very active and inspirational member on our Membership Committee.