Ayurvedic Reflexology Workshop

Your RAO sponsored an Ayurvedic Reflexology workshop presented by Sharon Stathis on Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29, 2019 at the Ohio State University Student Union.

Sharon taught us Ayurvedic fundamental principles, Ayurvedic foot massage as well as Marma therapy fundamental principles, Marma therapy for the feet and Kasa bowl work for the feet along with Ayurvedic Reflexology for the feet.

Just a couple Student Comments:

“Thank you for this incredible workshop! My clients absolutely love this technique and have experienced great results!  Sharon is an amazing teacher and I wish we could have done SMART II.
I had a wonderful time and what I learned has been priceless.”


“Here is what I liked about our workshop with Sharon Stathis

A)  Sharon’s style of teaching was clear and logical.
B)  She obviously loves Ayurvedic Reflexology.
C)  It was a joy to experience her passion for the work.
D)  The work as a routine seems very adaptable to session work.
E)  I loved learning about Ayurveda in the format Sharon presented, easy on this old brain.
F)  The obvious camaraderie and love between her and her husband was delightful.
G)  The closing duet was a grand bonus!!
What I didn’t like about the experience
A) I didn’t like that I didn’t sign up for SMART II, to better get it into my head and body.  My bad.”


Reflexology Fundamental Principles is available on www.ayurvedicreflexology.com.

Your RAO will continue to explore education opportunities to expand your knowledge and help you develop into the practitioner you wish to be.

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